Custom Order for Krista Porter


Kenjitsu Arts on Military Green (27)
3XL – 1
XL – 6
L – 7
M – 6
S – 7

Adventure Pack (25)
4XL – 2
3XL – 1
XL – 10
L – 10
M – 2


Krista Porter Full Color 2x
1Mens T-ShirtMilitary Green3XL1$8.000.5Kenjitsu
2Mens T-ShirtMilitary GreenXL6$30.003Kenjitsu
3Mens T-ShirtMilitary GreenLarge7$35.003.5Kenjitsu
4Mens T-ShirtMilitary GreenMedium6$30.003Kenjitsu
5Mens T-ShirtMilitary GreenSmall7$35.003.5Kenjitsu
6Mens T-ShirtHeather Grey4XL2$16.001Adventure
7Mens T-ShirtHeather Grey3XL1$8.000.5Adventure
8Mens T-ShirtHeather GreyXL10$50.005Adventure
9Mens T-ShirtHeather GreyL10$50.005Adventure
10Mens T-ShirtHeather GreyM2$10.001Adventure
aCustom Charge0$0.000
bCustom Charge0$0.000
cCustom Charge0$0.000
Garment Total52$260.00
FI Have a DesignFull ColorGang52$60.40
B1I Have a DesignWhiteRegular26$107.50
B2I Have a DesignWhiteRegular26$107.50
Design Total$275.40
Materials Total$535.40
Address / Notes
Total Weight26.00lb
Shipping Cost$0.00
Sales Tax0$0.00
Grand Total$535.40$10.30per shirt


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