One Color Program

The absolute best deal in custom shirts.

The One-Color Program is a singleimage program. Prints with one color, featuring a single, whole design, can take advantage of our best deal on decorating with standard inks.

Getting started.

We want to help you out.

Do you art? Follow along by downloading our official My-Merch Canvas Template for Photoshop and Illustrator.
You’ll find perfectly sized art-boards scaled to the ideal print resolution and quick access to all of our standard colors. Design in the template and you’ll produce print-perfect art every time.

What kind of apparel can I customize?

(All of it.)

The One-Color Program entails no limitations on apparel. Every garment in the My-Merch Quicklist, as well as any of the thousands of t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops and more in our Full Apparel Catalog can be selected for One-Color printing.

What size can I print?

And what resolution?

My-Merch can accept almost any image format, and to ensure your art looks crisp and sharp when you receive your shirts we recommend resolution at 300dpi or higher when not using vector art. Submitted art needs to fit within the bounds of the selected canvas.

Our default canvas is 9×12 inches for portrait or landscape. But we can also print up to 12×12 inches for an additional $5 art setup and +5c per shirt.

Importantly, One-Color-Program artwork is for a single, whole image. For orders needing multiple designs on a page, check out our Spot Color Program.

Portrait Landscape

3825px / 2700px
12.75" x 9"

$50 setup + ( 20¢ / shirt)

Ideal for horizontally oriented logos and artwork.

Portrait Canvas

2700px / 3825px
9" x 12.75"

$50 setup + ( 20¢ / shirt)

Ideal for vertically oriented logos and artwork.

Square Canvas

3600px x 3600px
12" x 12"

$55 setup + ( 25¢ / shirt)

Ideal for square images needing to be more than 9 inches wide or for filling out larger shirts sizes.

Multiple Images

not available
for this program

For projects with multiple artwork placements, and those needing managed colors.

Lets talk colors.

and finding a perfect match.

There are millions of colors! The challenge of matching shirt-ink to natural colors varies across the spectrum. Usually we are matching our ink to digital artwork, and because of the rendering differences between ink and screen there are some colors it is impossible to match perfectly.

We’ve come to depend on a set of 29 reliable colors to qualify for our One-Color-Program. These colors span the spectrum and appear very similar between ink and screen. By picking from this set of colors it saves My-Merch the formulation of specific color matches, and guarantees that your finished products will closely match your mock-ups.


What if I want all the colors?

Fear not brave designers.

My-Merch wants to make sure you get the shirt you want. If you need a specific color you can now get exact Pantone color matches mixed and printed through our Spot Color Program. For brands with managed colors, or any design with an irreplaceable color profile the Spot Color Program can give you the rainbow.

And don’t forget if you need to print t-shirts in vibrant photographic full color My-Merch also prints unlimited colors in our standard canvas sizes through our Full Color Program.

Assemble your custom shirt project

That's it! You're an expert!

Maybe the One-Color Program is a fit for your project. You can use our Shirt Project Calculator to build out your project and calculate costs using the One-Color Program so you can get a total picture of what your order will look like. You’ll need Adobe Reader (also free) to use this calculator correctly.

Ready to order but need art? Get in touch using the form below. My-Merch Design Services are only $29 and guarantee your art is developed and scaled to print perfectly.